10am Church
  • 176 Wattle Street, Malvern

  • Trinity Church Unley

10am Church

We meet every Sunday at 10am. Everyone is welcome! We have excellent children’s programs that run during our service (our youth group meets on Friday evenings), and a great community atmosphere. Why not come a bit early to enjoy a barista-made coffee or a cup of tea and meet some of our regulars?

We believe that our time together on Sunday mornings should nourish and vitalise our desire to be and grow as disciples of Jesus. But our Christian faith doesn’t end on Sunday; what happens Monday to Saturday is vitally important. So our Sunday nourishment must build and equip us for our wider work and place in the local community.

If you’re interested in Jesus, or how His gospel is great news for Unley, we’d love you to join us one Sunday morning.

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What To Expect   Parking   Children’s Programs   Music


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