Hot Topics For Teen Sex
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Hot Topics For Teen Sex

For high school youth

Sex is natural. It’s fun. You need it to be happy. Everyone’s doing it. You’ve got to be in it to be popular. What’s wrong with experimenting anyway? How would you know what you like, even who you are, if you don’t check it out?

And what about sexting and selfies? Isn’t that just a form of getting to know each other? And then there’s pornography, fantasy and self-stimulation—surely that’s completely harmless?

Do these statements sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered if God has anything to say about sex? Is God a killjoy who wants you to not enjoy sex? And the Bible—is it just an old rule book on what not to do?

Patricia Weerakoon, a Christian sexologist and author, will explore with you the challenges of living as the most digitally connected, socially informed, advertised and sexualised generation that ever walked this earth!

Speaker: Dr Patricia Weerakoon, Christian Sexologist & Author

Cost: $5 cash at door (includes dinner)

Books available for purchase on the night.


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